Prices good February 12 – 17


Heart Shaped Ribeye Steaks $16.99/lb. (Good only on Feb. 14)

New York Strip Steaks $10.49/lb.




Meat alert: Meat Bundles have arrived

Whether you’ve got company coming for the holidays, looking for a last minute gift that’s sure to please, or just want to stock your freezer pantry, then our meat bundles are just the answer. We’ve put together bundles of steaks, roasts and sausage to help stretch...

Try our Bacon Cheddar Burgers

Have you had a chance to try our Bacon-Cheddar Burgers yet? If so, you know how juicy and amazingly delicious they are. If not, you need to come in to get one to try. We have a special going on through December 23 where you'll get a free Bacon Cheddar Burger with any...

The easiest way to pick the juiciest steak

The holidays are here and it’s time to have some great meals. So how do you pick a great steak? Whether or not you know your beef cuts, there’s a simple way to find the best steak and that’s through the marbling. WHAT IS MARBLING? Marbling refers to the small bits of...

Welcome to the Double Doc Ranch




Dr. Frank Schmidt

Wyoming Legacy Meats started here with Dr. Frank Schmidt and his wife, Dr. Caety Schmidt.

All Natural Meat

Wyoming Legacy Meats raises their beef in a natural way with pure water and air in the wide open spaces of Wyoming without hormones or antibiotics for customers near and far. Wyoming Legacy Meats focuses on connecting generations of ranchers with generations of consumers who care about where their food comes from.

Dry Aged Beef

Dry-Aged beef is hard to find these days. This aging process takes more patience and time, but produces a buttery texture and heavenly mouth-watering taste for discerning customers. All meat cuts are choice grade or higher and dry-aged at least two weeks with the option to age up to 40 days for specialty cuts. Learn even more

Living the Legacy

The Wyoming Legacy combines time-old traditions with an open heart toward wholesome yet modern practices. We help keep family ranching alive and thriving for the next generation. Our natural beef is grown in the most pristine circumstances with our cattle grazing pastures freely in the mountains of Wyoming.

USDA Facility

We are the state of Wyoming’s only USDA approved, full processing facility. By overseeing the entire process from conception to consumption, we guarantee all Wyoming Legacy Meats products carry the seal of safety, freshness, along with rich flavor that will help your family grow big and strong, the Wyoming way.


We manage the entire process from conception to consumption
to bring you the best healthy and delicious meat possible.