Just outside of Yellowstone Park lies Cody, Wyoming, home of Buffalo Bill Cody and Wyoming Legacy Meats. Steeped in Old West Tradition, Wyoming Legacy Meats is a processing plant built on time-honored traditions while employing the best in modern practices.  

Living off the land is a way of life in Wyoming, and we want to help keep family ranches alive and thriving for the next generation. We support local ranchers and farmers by helping them convert to regenerative practices and paying them a premium for raising all natural, hormone and antibiotic free regenerative livestock.  

Wyoming Legacy provides local and national consumers with the absolute best meat products grown in the true Wyoming tradition. All our animals are raised with pride, and we ensure each producer nurtures the very best environment for healthy growth. We love the cattle business and that is manifested by humane treatment of our stock for all to see throughout the operation. 

 From our bison, to Wagyu, to our award-winning pork and lamb products, all Wyoming Legacy Meats come with our satisfaction guarantee. Following in the tradition of excellence set forth by Frank and Caety Schmidt and the Double Doc Ranch, we take pride in everything we do and strive to make each and every customer feel like family. We know that you will love feeding your family and friends the best meat Wyoming has to offer.  


For every dollar spent on beef at the grocery store, only .14 cents go to the hard-working families that raise those cattle. This is a problem worth solving. For us at Wyoming Legacy Meats, the best way to solve that problem was to cut out as many of the middlemen as possible. The beef, bison, pork and lamb that we delivery to your front door comes directly from American Ranchers in the Yellowstone area, where they are paid a premium to raise healthy all natural livestock. Those livestock are then processed at our very own USDA certified facility right in Cody Wyoming. From there, that meat is put on a truck and sent directly to you. Wyoming Legacy Meats is committed to preserving The American Rancher and the Wyoming Way of Life by selling the very best meat and delivery that meat directly to our customers front door.

Vertical Integration and supply chain optimization sound like fancy business terms, but at Wyoming Legacy, those words mean a better way of life for ranchers and farmers. And for our consumers, those words equal unsurpassed quality and value in products you'll be proud to share with your family.